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April’s School of Dance

Policies and Procedures

     (Please read carefully!)


               Perfect attendance is very important for class continuity and learning.  Please make every effort to attend all the classes you have signed up for because it is not fair to you or the other students in the class if you fall behind.  For every four classes that a student is absent he or she will be required to attend a private make-up class of 30 minutes at a cost of $28.  No exceptions!      

ASD WILL NOT run according to the Ashe County school calendar or increment weather cancelations.  If there is no school or school dismisses early due to the weather then please call the ASD hotline (336) 846- 1545 to see if ASD classes are canceled.  All classes missed can be made up in another class..  Note: if there is no school due to a holiday ASD will remain on a regular schedule unless otherwise specified.  Please put a yearly dance schedule on your refrigerator at home so you will know what events are coming up.

Also, if a student misses 3 classes in a row without calling to let me know, he or she will be dropped from the classes automatically and will still be required to pay the monthly tuition until ASD receives a written withdrawal letter from that student.


All parents & siblings need to leave the building during class time because it is a big distraction for the students & teachers.   


General Rules for All Classes:


  1. All dance pants should be hemmed to not touch the floor.

  2. Shorts are ONLY permitted at ASD in tumbling classes.  Please do not wear shorts to any dance class.

  3. All shoes should have the students’ name written inside.

  4. All students are required to wear their hair up in a ponytail and out of face in all classes.  Ballet, Pointe, lyrical and competition classes hair should be worn in a bun.

  5. Jewelry of any kind is not to be worn during class at any time.

  6. Students should never go outside wearing their dance shoes because the pavement ruins shoes and in turn ruins the dance floor.  

   7.   Please leave all personal problems at the door!!  

   8. Cell phones are prohibited during class time.

   9.  ASD will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.  However, there is a lost & found box in the studio.

   10. All precautions will be taken to prevent any accidents that may happen.  ASD is not liable for any injuries or damages which may occur in, on, or around the premises of the facility.

   11. Please try to use the restroom before class!!!

   12. If a student comes to class dressed improperly (examples: hair down rather than up, pink pants rather than black, no tights, tank top rather than a leotard…) he or she will not be allowed to participate! 

   13. Small children, not participating in the class being taught, should be supervised at all times and should not be disruptive to others in the mall, waiting room, or classroom.

   14. Gum is NOT permitted inside the building at any time!


 Dance Attire and Shoes:


Ballet students should wear any color leotard, but black is preferred, skirts are optional.  Young children generally wear pink leotards with skirts.  Pink or nude tights are MANDATORY!  Leg warmers or tightly fitted black jazz pants are permitted for the winter months to keep warm.  Ballet shoes should be either pink leather or pink canvas slippers with elastic sewn properly and the shoe ribbon should be tucked inside the shoes! This helps prevent a lot of class time taken up to tie shoes.  Hair must be worn in a bun or out of the face at all times!


Pointe students must abide by the same rules as the ballet classes.  Pointe shoes must be fitted by a knowledgeable dance professional and the ribbon should be sewn on properly.  Pointe students must have had at least two years of ballet training & have my approval before taking the class.  Also, the student’s feet must be fully grown which is generally between ages 11 and 12 & have a doctor’s approval.


Creative movement must also abide by the same dress code as the ballet classes.


Jazz students should wear Jazz shoes approved by the teacher, black Jazz pants or tights, and any color leotard or tank top, but black is preferred.  All pants should be hemmed to not touch the floor.  Please be sure that all tank tops are worn tastefully. 


Lyrical students must abide by the same rules as ballet except dance paws are the required shoes.


Hip-Hop students should wear shoes approved by the instructor, black stretchy Capri, Jazz, or sweat pants hemmed properly to not touch the floor; and any color tank, leotard or t-shirt.  Black kneepads may be needed for this class. 


Tap students should wear shoes approved by the instructor.  Wear black jazz pants that are hemmed properly to not touch the floor and any color tank top or leotard.  All tap students must designate a notebook to bring to every class to write down the steps that you learn. 


               Tumbling classes should wear a tank or tee, shorts or pants that are easy to move in & this class does not require shoes. 


Observing Classes:

               Parents are welcome to observe classes only on the dates provided on the schedule.  This is to keep as many distractions as possible out of the classroom so the students will get in their full class time. 


Parking and Pickup:

               For safety, I prefer that students NOT wait outside of the building.  If you arrive early, please come in and wait in the waiting room quietly and begin stretching until class time.   Please come inside to pick up your child if they are under the age of 10.  Students 11 years of age or older can look for their parents and go to their car, but no one is allowed to be outside running around while waiting for their parents.     


Food and Drink:

               Please keep eating to a minimum inside the building.  Please make sure to throw away any food wrappers and drink cans when finished with them.  Try to always bring a water bottle full of water to every class to keep hydrated.  Please try to use the restroom before class.



Tuition Payments and Withdrawal Policy:

               Tuition is paid monthly either by check, credit card (3% charge), Venmo (@April-Barnes-37), PayPal (, or cash.   Tuition is due by the 10th of every month and a late charge of $10 will be applied on any late payments.  Also, there will be a $25 charge for any returned checks or invalid bank withdraws.  Everyone should either mail in payments or parents should hand me their monthly payment in an envelope with the students name on it for less confusion.  Please do not send payments by your children and always put cash in an envelope with student’s name on it. 

Family discounts only apply to siblings living under the same roof.

               Everyone will be required to pay for the first and last month (May) of the year, $35 costume deposit & the $50 recital/video fee by the first day of class or abide by the all-inclusive plan. There will be a 5% discount if you pay by semester (August- December or January- May) and a 10% discount if you pay yearly starting in August. Also, if a student has paid ahead of time and wishes to withdraw from his or her classes he or she will have a month from the first day of classes in order to receive a reimbursement of all funds except the first month payment and registration fee.  If a student wishes to withdraw from a class and not be charged, he or she must write a letter of withdrawal to ASD with your name, class that you are withdrawing from, and why.  If you do not send ASD a written withdraw then you will still be charged monthly until received. If for some reason the student cannot come to a few classes, (i.e. vacation) the student is still required to pay.     


Addresses and Phone Numbers:

               April’s School of Dance

               20 East Ashe Street Suite #35 (physical)

               P.O. Box 577 (mailing)

               West Jefferson, NC 28694

               336- 846-1545 (office)- leave a message if there is no answer

               828-773-5404 (cell)- call or text


               Look us up on Facebook under April’s School of Dance -don’t forget to push the Like button. Also ask to join the April’s School of Dance Fan Page Group on Facebook.

               Please download the BAND app and join the April’s School of Dance Band. You will receive all information through this app. 

Venmo (@April-Barnes-37), Email and Paypal (use friends & family to avoid a fee) address is





Please sign below to confirm that you have read and agree to April’s School of Dance’s policies and procedures.   Please turn this page in with the registration form (please keep the policies above to refer back to as needed).  This must be signed & turned in before for you or your child can participate in the first dance class.


I have read, understood, and agree to the rules set above.


Print Student/s Name (please print): ____________________________________


Print Parent/s Name (please print): _____________________________________


Customer/Parent Signature: _________________________          Date: _________________

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