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Creative movement is offered to 2 & 3 year old’s.  This class introduces pre-ballet, beginner tumbling, and is a way for children to express themselves through dance and music in order to stimulate the imagination. 

Ballet/Tap/Tumbling combo class is offered to children ages 4-5 years old.  This class introduces tap dance, beginner ballet concepts, and beginner tumbling elements.  Your little one will learn the basics of musicality, balance, coordination, confidence, and most importantly how to have fun and learn through movement. 


Toddler tumbling is offered to children ages 3-5 years old.  In this class the focus will be on beginner to intermediate beginner tumbling concepts such as rolls, headstands, handstands, flexibility, strength,  jumps, cartwheels and more.


Ballet/Tap combo class is offered to children ages 6-8 years old.  This class will focus on teaching beginner to intermediate beginner tap & ballet basics, timing, musicality, tone, flexibility, and balance.


Jazz classes are offered to anyone 6 and older.  In this class, we will explore different types of movement from different decades from the 20’s flapper era, to todays new innovative styles.  Jazz is an upbeat, fun dance genre that will keep your heartrate up  and a smile on your face. 


Ballet classes are offered in some form to every age.  Ballet is the core of all dance movement and dance language.  A ballet background is highly recommended to become a well-rounded dancer.  In a ballet class you will learn; balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, musicality, agility and much more. 


Tap classes are offered to ages 4 and up.  Tap class is a great way to learn rhythm, tempo, syncopation, tone, pitch, and improvisation.  Tap dance is making music with your feet. 


Hip Hop classes are offered to ages 6 and up.  In this class, you will learn jazz dance basics, how to be grounded with our bodies, strength, coordination, agility, basic tumbling, isolations, popping and locking.  Hip Hop is a high intensity class that will keep you grooving all the way out the door. 


Tumbling classes are offered in some form to all ages.  In a tumbling class, you will learn acrobatic and gymnastic elements.  April’s School of Dance has 1300 square feet of tumbling mats, a tumlb trak, several barrels and panel mats, low beam, wedge and pit pillow mats, plus more equipment to help with training an excellent tumbler. 


Contemporary and Lyrical classes are available to students that have had a least two years of ballet training and is at least 8 years old.  In these classes, we will teach improvisation, time, space, force, contract and release.  These classes take a lot of technique and focus but the finished product is often times so beautiful. 


Technique classes are available to the extremely focused and dedicated dancers.  To compete at dance competitions, you are required to take this class.  In this class, we focus on ballet techniques, floor barre, Pilates and yoga. 


Pointe classes are available to students that are at least 11 years old and have trained in ballet for at least three years.  To take this class you have to have the approval of the instructor. 


Competition classes are offered to anyone that is interested.  Please ask your instructor for more information. 


Private classes are also available. 

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